GST/HST, WSIB, OASP and CPP preparation

hs1 Harmonise Sales Tax

The goods and services tax (GST/HST) is a tax that applies to most supplies of goods and services made in Canada. The GST/HST also applies to supplies of real property (for example, land, buildings, and interests in such property) and intangible property such as trademarks, rights to use a patent, and digitized products downloaded from the Internet and paid for individually.

As a registrant, you recover the GST/HST paid or payable on your purchases and expenses related to your commercial activities by claiming an input tax credit (ITC) on your GST/HST return.

  • Apply for a business GST/HST number to CRA
  • Register if your sales over 30,000.00 annually
  • Collect 13% on your sales or services in Ontario
  • Deduct 13% on your purchases and business expenses
  • Remit your HST due payable to The Receiver General
  • Period to remit your return may be quarterly or yearly

hs2Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

The workplace parties should strive to return the worker to work that he/she has the skills to perform, is consistent with the worker’s functional abilities, and that, to the extent possible, restores the worker’s pre-injury earnings. Ideally, the worker will return to the pre-injury work.

  • New business registration
  • Coverage/premium rates
  • Premium remittance form
  • Clearance certificate
  • Taxable insurable earnings
  • Reconciliation
  • Audits and appeals

hs3Old Age Security Pension

The Old Age Security program is the Government of Canada’s largest pension program. It is funded out of the general revenues of the Government of Canada, which means that you do not pay into it directly.

The Old Age Security (OAS) pension is a monthly payment available to most Canadians 65 years of age who meet the Canadian legal status and residence requirements. You must apply  to receive it.

In addition to the Old Age Security pension, there are three types of Old Age Security benefits:

  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
    If you live in Canada and you have a low income, this monthly non-taxable benefit can be added to your OAS pension.
  • Allowance
    If you are 60 to 64 years of age and your spouse or common-law partner is receiving the Old Age Security pension and is eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement, you might be eligible to receive this benefit.
  • Allowance for the Survivor
    If you are 60 to 64 years of age and you are widowed, you might be eligible to receive this benefit.

Our assistance:

  • Application and documents
  • Translation and notarized
  • Benefits and pension.

hs4Canada Pension Plan

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) retirement pension provides a monthly benefit to eligible Canadians.

You must have worked and made at least one valid contribution (payment) to the CPP to qualify for a CPP retirement pension. The standard age to begin receiving the pension is 65. However, you can take a permanently reduced CPP retirement pension as early as age 60 or take a permanently increased pension after age 65.

If you retire before the age of 65 and become disabled after starting your retirement pension, you are not eligible to convert your pension to a disability benefit.

The amount of your retirement pension is based on how much and how long you have contributed to the CPP at the time you apply.

In March 2013, the average monthly amount for new retirement pension (taken at age 65) was $596.66 and the maximum amount in 2013 is $1,012,50.

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