CRA Claims & Appeals


A statement saying that something happened a certain way or will happen a certain way. A statement saying that something is true when some people may say it is not true.

You the right to claim to Canada Revenue Agency if they disallowed  your claim when you filed your income tax return:



  • Business operating expenses
  • Employment expenses
  • Capital Cost Allowances
  • Donation
  • Daycare in your home
  • Disability tax credit
  • Spouse or children amount
  • Much more


An application made to a high court or high level government office for a reversal of the decision made for a lower court or lower level government office.

Income tax classification appeal departments and court:

  • Disallowed claim
  • Notice of Assessment
  • Notice of Reassessment
  • Audit
  • CRA Appeal Division
  • Canada Tax Court
  • Federal Court of Appeal
  • Supreme Court of Canada

Please contact us to discuss and prepare your claim or appeal may be required immediately