Corporation Service and Tax Preparation

corp1A corporation is a separate legal entity that has been incorporated through a legislative or registration process established through legislation. Incorporated entities have legal rights and liabilities that are distinct from their employees and shareholders and may conduct business as either a profit seeking business not for profit business. Early incorporated entities were established by charter. Most jurisdictions now allow the creation of new corporations through registration. In addition to legal personality, registered corporations tend to have limited liability, be owned by shareholder  who can transfer their shares to others, and controlled by a board of directors are normally elected or appointed by the shareholders.

Our Service around the year

  • Annual corporate financial statements for financial purpose
  • Annual or quarter HST preparation
  • Monthly or annually bookkeeping and accounting support
  • WSIB report and clearance
  • Analysis of revenue and expense accounts applicable
  • Complete assistance in your business problems

Tax Preparation Service

  • T2 corporation income tax return preparation
  • Revising and adjusting financial statement for income tax purpose
  • T4 and T5018 preparation and submitting to CRA
  • Assessment and notice of reassessment review
  • Questions around the year