Income Tax Preparation

taxComputerized income tax preparation is faster and you get your answer before 10 working days, your refund directly to your bank account and your assessment to your home at the same time from Canada Revenue Agency.

Global Taxation & Accounting Service Inc., offers certified tax preparation, because only a tax preparation specialist knows step by step the legal and tax reduction system to minimize your payments and get more refund.

The requirement for your tax preparation depending on your business type and how we prepare your income tax return based in your records and other relating information. Mr. Luis Alcivar as a Certified Tax Accountant and the tax preparation team we prepare your tax form if you are Canadian resident in the province of Ontario for:

  • Individuals
  • Small and medium business
  • Pensioner
  • Subcontractor / Contractor
  • Rental properties
  • Sales Agent under commission
  • Independent / Freelance
  • New immigrants
  • Other no mentioned

Our office is open all year around to answer your question, read any letter, assessment from CRA or other income tax consultation. Our goal is to serve you much as we can and you never are along. Free consultation by email: